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On-Site Collection & Compacting

We collect the styrofoam waste directly from you on-site and recycle it at our plant. We can also compact the waste on-site before collection if volumes are high.

Join the Recycling Revolution

The huge volumes of plastic waste filling our landfills demands a clarion call for a recycling revolution. Small changes can make a big impact on our environment.

No Municipality & Waste Disposal Fees

We help you eliminate styrofoam from your waste disposal stream leaving you with fewer skips to be cleared, saving you on municipality & waste disposal charges.

What We Do

We provide all our clients with tailored waste management solutions to help them reduce their waste management expenditure.

We specialise in styrofoam waste management and ensure that all recyclable waste is treated properly as opposed to going into landfills or incinerators, thus guaranteeing environmental sustainability and minimising the carbon footprint of our valued clients.

Services We Offer:

Styrofoam Waste Recycling

We specialise in efficiently recycling Styrofoam materials, reducing their environmental impact.

Paper & Carton Waste Recycling

Our state-of-the-art facilities handle paper and carton waste recycling, promoting a greener and more sustainable future.

Glass Waste Recycling

Through our advanced recycling processes, we transform glass waste into valuable resources, contributing to a circular economy.

Plastic Waste Recycling

We offer effective plastic waste recycling services, ensuring that plastic materials are repurposed and diverted from landfills.

Metal Waste Recycling

Our expertise in metal waste recycling enables us to recover valuable metals and promote resource conservation.

E-Waste Recycling

With a focus on electronic waste, we employ responsible recycling practices to safely manage and process electronic devices.

Textile and Fabric Waste Recycling

Our dedicated textile and fabric waste recycling solutions contribute to reducing textile waste and promoting sustainability.

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Reducing waste can help your company save money. We employ environmentally sound recycling practices to help you help the environment.